7 must-have viral products for all of your best outdoor adventures

Discover 6 innovative travel products that blew their crowdfunding campaigns out of the water, and together with PorTable, make for the perfect adventure toolkit.

goTenna Mesh

In 2016, Daniela Perdomo took Kickstarter by storm with this exciting new alternative to your cell phone’s giant data roaming bills.

How does it work? Simple: goTenna uses radio frequencies to connect phones to each other without the use of cell service. So whether you’re somewhere in the mountains without reception, on an international trip with friends, or preparing for an emergency in your own town, goTenna offers a brand new communication option.

Just recently, Perdomo announced the latest addition to the goTenna family: the goTenna Mesh. What’s the difference? With the goTenna Mesh, every other goTenna in your area has the ability to multiply your connectivity range. That, in turn, means the community of users can grow exponentially, so it looks like exciting things lie ahead for Perdomo and her team.

Cinch Pop-up Tent

When Cinch arrived on the Indiegogo scene, it had one goal in mind: bringing a ‘smart’ camping tent to the world. But trust us, there’s so much more to be excited about.

With solar power, climate control, modular spaces, and tons of thoughtful features, Cinch may actually have managed to pull off the perfect tent. Not only can all of the sections fit together to create a giant super tent, but its lightning-fast breakdown and even faster setup are winning over mountaineers and glampers from all corners of the globe. I mean, have you heard of glam camping yet? It’s a thing. So if you’re headed out for a weekend getaway with the whole crew, you won’t want to leave this one behind.


What’s next on our list of outdoor must-haves? The GoChair!

With its incredibly small pack size, this chair is making all of our picnic dreams come true. When you think of a foldable chair, you probably imagine the ones your parents used to sling over their shoulders to set up on the sidelines of your high school soccer games. But don’t be fooled: GoChair has brought this concept into the 21st century by creating a chair that folds down to the size of your water bottle and folds right into your backpack like a camera tripod, but still offers a large, comfortable seating area to lounge in.


After launching an ambitious Indiegogo campaign, Pakt raised over 2 million dollars on the promise of delivering “The Only Travel Bag You’ll Ever Want”

Now a bigger, more established company, Pakt has started taking their design direction directly from their customers. With features like a mesh TSA pocket that lets you easily access and protect your electronics at security, animal-friendly fabrics, and lots of handy pockets, these bags not only simplify travel, but they’re beautiful inside and out.

One of our favorite things about Pakt? Their commitment to transparency and ethical business practices. They ensure their bags are made with safe materials in ethical working conditions, and all their plastic-free packaging was crafted by environmental design company SeaHive.

Biolite Headlamp

Known for their redesigned camping stoves and their social impact work in Sub-Saharan Africa, BioLite is beyond cool.

Much to our delight, they’ve now come out with a brand new ultra-light, ultra-thin, ultra-comfortable rechargeable headlamp. They’ve used smart fabrics, a redistributed weight design, and a light that lays flush on the forehead to optimize comfort.

In their words, “if you forget you’re wearing it, we’re doing our job.”

So whether you’re planning on trekking through the Argentinean wilderness or biking through Burning Man, this headlamp promises nothing but ease and style.

Atom by Unihertz

Next up: the Atom by Unihertz. This 4G-compatible, octa-core CPU smartphone comes with a 16 MP camera, a fingerprint scanner, and 64GB of storage all packed into a tough little rock of a device.

Though the Atom looks more like a little beeper than a smartphone, and though it may not be as chic as the large, flat screens we’ve come to love, it’s ready to ride with you into any adventure.

How do we know? This phone has an IP rating of IP68!

To put that in context, the IP code is an international water resistance rating, and a score of IP68 is the maximum strength resistance, which means it’s certified to provide “protection from contact with harmful dust,” as well as “protection from immersion in water with a depth of more than 1 meter”. The cherry on top: the Atom comes with a whole set of thrill-ready adventure accessories like a bike mount, armbands, and belt clips.


And of course, we can’t forget our very own PorTable. The PorTable is a simple, compact table that comes with built-in roaming capabilities and packed with adventure-ready features.

Interchangeable and rechargeable battery packs power a multi-use charging station for all your devices, and the station is compatible with USB, USB-C, and wireless charging. More impressive yet – one battery will last you all day, with eight full phone charges per battery. But worry not, if you ever do run out, you can simply pop in the next battery.

If you’re looking to be the life of the party, the PorTable’s bluetooth speakers and LED lights will be right up your alley. And of course, it wouldn’t be a party without beverages, so the PorTable also has two cup holders and a bottle opener built in, so no need to pull out your lighter for any hazardous bottle-opening tricks.

PorTable is the only product on this list that isn’t available yet, but worry not, it’ll be yours to order on Indiegogo come March 2019.

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