Ten questions from the minds behind PorTable


Cliff Notes

Intro: Sarah, writer and former tech journalist.

Here with Amit and Chase, the minds behind the PorTable: a pretty incredible product that’s just about to launch on Indiegogo and that outdoor adventurers are going to love.

Hi guys, before we dive in with our 10 questions, perhaps you could set the scene by telling us what the PorTable is?

  • Lightweight
  • Power source
  • Durable
  • Speaker

  1.  Ok so my first question is about your origin story: how do you two know each other?
  • Grew up in Los Angeles
  • Friends since we were 12 years old.
  • Same middle school & high school and visited each other while in college.
  • Chase was always coming up with crazy ideas
  • Struggled to execute

    1. How did the PorTable idea pop up?
    • At the beach and Chase’s phone died
    • Joked about how nice it would be if the table had a USB port to charge his phone.
    • Expanding the functionality
    • Trial and error the PorTable was born.

    1.  And how long ago was that?
      • Idea came to Chase in August of 2017
      • Long hours and sleepless nights.


      1.  What’s been the best part of the process?
      • Market testing and feedback
      • Like a new hairstyle or attending
      • We received a lot of useful feedback that helped us change up the design and functionality
      • Multiple rounds of design & testing
      • We finally came up this finished design.
      • We have a few stretch goals in mind we’d love to adapt!

      1. What’s been the hardest part of the process?
      • Starting a company from the ground up.
      • Finding the right people to work with
      • Selecting the right factories
      • Testing out materials to make sure our product is exactly what we expect.

      In that process of improving and iterating, you’ve gotten a lot of questions as well, right? So I figured we’d clear the air and answer some of the most common ones here.


      1. How easy is it to move around?
      • Focus on family friendly
      • Weighs about 12 lbs we kept it lightweight
      • Works as well at the beach or your campsite
      • The carrying case free’s up your hands and includes pockets for extra storage.


      1. It sounds like this table is built to really move around with you, how tough and resistant is it to life’s hard knocks?
      • IP54 tested
      • has dust protection from ingress
      • protection against water splashing from any angles.
      • 6000-series aluminum
      • built to resist rust, sand, dust, dirt and corrosion.


      1. With crowd-funding, people sometimes worry about shipping & logistics – how have you guys tackled that?
      • Hearing and reading some of the horror stories
      • One of our first priorities: find a partner in logistics
      • Partnered with FloShip one of the world's leading fulfillment and distribution centers.
      • Ready to ship to almost anywhere around the world. Tracking in every device you’ll be able to monitor every move once it leaves the manufacturer’s facility.


      1. What’s next for your team?
      • Bring the PorTable to life and share it with the world
      • Our goal is not to be a one-and-done story
      • Continue to build a brand around GoPorTable with products that help keep you on the move and adventuring.

      Great, thanks, looking forward to seeing where you head next